Tuesday, March 8, 2011


sebastian's birthday went off without a hitch.

we honored him with a surprise birthday dinner 

at his favorite sushi restaurant, with his favorite group of people.

how many years do I have left like these?

years when all my boy really wants for his birthday is a new pair of rain boots?

(life is pretty sweet at seven.)

but really, how many years do I have left like these?

years filled with mornings that still start with the four of us snuggled up

 together in momma and papas bed.

years filled with nights,where I read bedtime stories 

and lye in bed with my little ones watching them 

as they slowly slip into dreamland.

years with dirty carpets and stained t-shirts, bruised legs and toothless smiles.

i hope for many more of these such years, 

although lately, i feel as through time is escaping me.

we went to the ranch last week with a group of Brooklyn's friends.

(it was so much fun.)

if you loose sight of the brilliance of everyday life,

 spend a few hours with a three years old, 

and you'll 

be reminded of joy in it's simplest form.

i hope this week finds you well. 

(i'll have something fun for you in a few days from now.)

stay tuned.

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