Tuesday, March 1, 2011

appliqu'ed table linen

this project came just in the nick of time for my son's seventh birthday breakfast.

fusible web and iron
assortment of fabric scraps
pen, scissors and pins
plain fabric placemats
embroidery needle and floss
carpenter's square (set square)

1. cut
2. iron
3. sew

this placement will be underneath both of my little boys

 birthday morning breakfasts for the rest of their childhood.

( i'm a sucker for tradition.)

sit back and celebrate for years to come.



Megan said...

That's adorable! I'm a sucker for traditions as well - and this is a great one!

Melanie Reller said...

I love this project! Inspiring. :-)
I'm a sucker for traditions too.

Fairfield House said...

Do you know what is extra special about this birthday place mat (besides the fact that YOU made it?) one day far far away from today (and in a blink of an eye) Sebastian's and Brooklyn's babies will be celebrating their birthday and you will bring the special place mat!

Your Friend,