Thursday, February 17, 2011



(a) gift

(an) opportunity

(a) journey

(a) challenge

(a) discovery

(a) gift

my life presents it's gifts each and every day. 

my children, family, friends.
a hot cup of coffee, a strong hug.
my camera, the ocean,colorful sunsets.

then there are the larger gifts.





(an) opportunity

my greatest hope for myself is to use my life as a vehicle to change the world even in the smallest of ways. 
two summers ago, I decided to annually choose a cause and dedicate myself to fundraising and raising awareness in it's name.

(a) journey

i've begun a (new) journey. 
in November, I will walk sixty miles throughout three consecutive days, to help find a cure for breast cancer.

(a) challenge

train, fundraise, walk, walk, walk.

change lives.

I know that everyone has their own stories of cancer, and knows someone who has suffered at its hand. My fathers mother, my Grandma Gene had breast cancer. She also had a double mastectomy when my father was in high school. My mothers father, my Papa, died from pancreatic cancer when I was five years old. Papa's sister, my great aunt Annette died from ovarian cancer just three years ago, and my mothers brother, my uncle Dave was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which is now in remission.

Cancer has deeply affected our family, and although this is a Breast Cancer walk, I will be walking to honor a number of different people, who have suffered from different cancers.

if you might like to donate to my fundraising, 

you will find a button in the righthand side bar of this blog,

 that will redirect you to a page where you may do so.

if you cannot contribute to the fundraising,

 please contribute your positive thoughts and hopes for a 

swift, healthy walk in November and an awesome amount of training prior to then.

Thank you.


Tamara said...

wonderful! participating in this event will change your life. i can tell you from personal experience there's no way around this happening. {i haven't done this particular event, but marathons with team in training.} please keep us posted on your training and fundraising. your idea of fundraising for an event annually is beautiful. as hard as training and fundraising is, they're never as hard dealing with the actual problem...which is always the lesson to be learned for me.

Dana {Southern Inspired} said...

That's so amazing! I actually volunteered with the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life for a couple of years and loved the entire experience. It's truly rewarding - for them and more for me I think. I just love your blog. You inspire and encourage me :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Fairfield House said...


I've walked the Susan B Komen's 3 day walk. My mother's sister, my only Aunt, died of breast cancer at the age of 49. You have my full support.

Your Friend,