Tuesday, February 15, 2011

you are love

our Valentine's Day was wonderful.

I think I told my boys I loved them over a hundred times yesterday, just because I could.

Brooklyn and I started the day together rather early yesterday morning,

hot chocolate for him, lots of coffee for me.

(Brooklyn's real interest in a cup of a hot chocolate is the marshmallows.)

The night before Valentine's Day, 

(when our tiny house fell nice and quiet) 

I stuck 12 paper flags about, in hopes that they 

would be found by little hands first thing then next morning.

 They were.

 My Valentine for my husband, my best friend...

 life is so much sweeter with (him) by my side.

 I hid the boys Valentine cards in their bedrooms 

and we were entertained watching them discover where they were hidden.

The sweetest moment  from my Valentine's Day was watching 

Sebastian read Brooklyn the words that I 

wrote on the back of his card. 

"I know that I tell you each and every day how very much I love you, 

but today, on the day dedicated to loving one another, 

profess my love to you again my sweet boy."

and then he says...

"Mom really does love us a lot Brooklyn."

(yes, she does.)

gotta love that.


Fairfield House said...


Sebastian and Brooklyn really do love their mom a lot too! :)

Happy Valentine's Day.

Your Friend,

Megan said...

Oh, the tears won't stop! This was the sweetest Valentine's post of any I read. Thank you for sharing.

tanya said...

That is really so sweet Corey!