Friday, February 18, 2011

china transfers

another "quick idea"

i thought the idea of having some of Sebastian's sketches transferred onto ceramic was just too sweet... 

(I was right.)

" here's the perfect way to display your children's artwork."

Simple Directions: "Copy all of your images onto a sheet of paper the same size as your transfer paper, so that you don't waste any. The images should be the mirror image of the final design. Ask a print shop to laser copy it onto the transfer paper. At home, following the manufacturer's directions, cut out each design, soak it is water until the transfer loosens from the backing sheet, then slide it face down onto the ceramic. Remove any air bubbles with your fingers."

"Fix the design by baking the ceramics in the bottom of your oven at the lowest temperature possible for at least an hour, then very gradually increasing the temperature every quarter of an hour up to a maximum of 400 degrees after two hours."



Megan said...

I love this project! What a fabulous gift this would make for Grandparent's day!

Randi said...

Those are adorable! And I'm loving the dog ... is it a bulldog? Our bulldog died at Christmas and he looked so much like that - I did a double take on the picture. What a cutie!

radn said...

Love this project! Would love to do one with my daughter.

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