Friday, April 30, 2010

A Day Off.

Today was the first day in a long while that I had the entire day off.  
No magic to be made, no memories to be captured, just 24 hours of free time. What a joy!
 Here is some of what we did.

I spent this morning working on a project that I have been wanting to complete for weeks!
(I cant wait to show you the finished product!)
I also painted and distressed our side table in the living room..
I stacked these blocks with Brooklyn about thirty times in a row... 
He loves pushing them over and watching them fall!
Then, I found these two little friends enjoying a ride
 in B's jeep and my heart smiled.
We hung and filled Sebastian's new art display in his bedroom.
How cool is that?
And found the perfect spot for his game ball.
( The little baseball player to the left was the decoration on my husbands fifth birthday cake.)
We feel SO lucky to have it!
We built a city out of our cardboard bricks.
Did you have these as a child? Kelly and I did.
I replaced a lightbulb. And while doing so...
I found this tiny gorilla placed on my bedside stand.
After school we made our annual garden stepping stone. 
I think it may be our best one yet.
We picked strawberries...
And then painted and hung little bird houses...
Finally, we unloaded the car from this mornings thrift store shopping.
Today and today only, everything in our thrift store was 50% off.
Who can resist a bargain like that?
Not us.
Sebastian, Brooklyn and I grabbed some donuts and coffee and 
were in line before the doors were even open.
Here is our treasure.

A beautiful pot for a new plant. 
And the really big news...
A big boy bed frame for Brooklyn! 
(Look how happy he is... He's doing his happy dance!)
I have BIG plans for that darling bed frame. 
Paint, first and foremost.
Here are the choices. When shown the selection, Brooklyn chose...
"Picking Daisies"...
Stay tuned for the big reveal!
And have yourself a wonderful day.
And night.


jess said...

how fun! everything! i can't wait to see the bed frame. :D

FairfieldHouse said...

Corey Ann -

It sounds like a full and perfect day! Love the garden stone and birdhouses you and the boys made. Great job on your end table. Sebastian's art gallery is wonderful. What a creative way to showcase masterpieces! Can't wait to see the littlest man's big boy bed when it's all painted. How do you sleep at night knowing there's a gorilla in the room?