Thursday, April 29, 2010

Insperational Interview- Kristen Young

Kristen and I were just recently introduced. Although, we have quite a few things in common. 
A great love for our children, bright colors, bicycles, babies... and photography.
Her images inspire me.
Please read on to find out a bit more about the amazing woman. 

1. How did you choose the name of your business and or blog?

My first blog was called Our Lily Pad.  Lilies are one of my favorite flowers and the idea of a lily pad was like a gathering place for friends and family.  When I started the photography business, I decided to be a little more formal so I used my name...kind of boring.  Apparently, there are a lot of Kristin Youngs in the web world so I ended up having to use my middle initial. 

2. What is your morning ritual?

Since we homeschool, I usually try to get up before the kids to get in my quiet time/Bible study between 6-7 am.  Before the morning sickness kicked in, I would get up at 4:50 am to take a kettle bells class but now I am just rolling over in the bed at that time. The kiddos get up around 7am, we have breakfast, do chores and then we start school at 8am.   I usually fire up my computer and check all my favorite blogs or try not to get sucked into Facebook at some point during the morning.  A couple of days a week, the kids and I head to the gym in the morning so they can do "PE" and I get a work-out in.  

3. What inspires you?

Colors, especially in nature, and patterns.  I love looking at Anthropologie's catalog (OK, I really love going into the store!)---it's eye candy! I also get inspiration from blogs or looking at other photographer's work.  Finally, just doing life with my kiddos and husband.  Sometimes, they may say or do something that I think would make a great image or blog post.

4. What is a little know fact about yourself?

Gosh, I don't think there are little known facts about me...I'm an open book and talk too much.  Maybe that my picture (along with my two sisters) was used for a painting a mural on the wall at the Grand Ole Opry Hotel when I was six.  My one claim to fame---I don't even know if it is still there.

5. What is the furthest destination that you have traveled to from the United States?

I grew up in Germany (proud Army brat) so I spent a lot of time traveling around Europe.

6. What was your intention in starting your blog?

I originally started it to highlight scrapbooking layouts that I was creating for a local scrap store.  Then we bought a motorhome almost two years ago and packed up the kiddos to travel around the States.  It was a great way for friends and family to see where we were going and stay in touch.  Since starting a photography business it has become a great tool for marketing, allowing clients to see images and sharing who I am.  I also love just documenting our crazy life and sharing nuggets of my life/experiences. My kids love reading the blog posts--it's kind of like going through a scrapbook for them.

7. What is your favorite color?

Yellow. No, Green. No, Orange. Ok, all of them but yellow is my favorite.

8. Greatest influence?

Definitely my parents when I was young (and now old).  They laid a great foundation for my life in faith, marriage, relationships and personal integrity.  I've also been blessed to have a circle of girlfriends who challenge, encourage and sometimes even admonish me in love to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.  

9. Earliest childhood memory?

Eating Sara Lee frozen cheesecake with my mom and watching General Hospital (yes, I remember when Luke and Laura got married the first time) while my older sisters were in school.  Of course, we always hid the "evidence" in the trash before they came home.

10. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Well, my hubby claims that he knew I would be his wife when he first met me our freshman year in college, but I'm not sure if that was love at that moment!  

11. Everyday must have?

There are so many--my iPhone, internet access (for blog stalking), my camera (aka Bo), hugs and kisses from the kiddos, candy and, most importantly, my Bible.

12. Lucky number?

Oh, I don't believe in luck but since seven is a number that often represents completeness in the Bible, I will say seven.

13. Hopes for your future in both business and your personal life?

Since I am just starting out on the business side, I am desiring to learn as much as possible.  I hope that I never stop loving  what I do-capturing life without words.  As a business person, I want to be known for quality work as well as integrity when it comes to relationships.  Personally, my heart's desire is that my children grow up with a relationship with the Lord, my husband and I get to one day visit Greece before we are dependent on Depends and someone will come up for a cure for stretch marks (ok, not really that last one...well, maybe...)

14. Run, walk or skip?

Can I say none of the above?  I have visions of pedaling one of those cool beach cruiser bicycles (in yellow, of course) with  a wire basket full of flowers along a country dirt road while wearing a white flowing summery dress. But then, my kiddos will probably be screaming and chasing behind me wanting to ride also so maybe I should just say run! 

15. If you could live your life again, knowing what you know at this very moment, what would you do differently?

Not take myself so seriously, learn how to say "I'm sorry" sooner, enjoy the right now moment and not look so much towards the next moment, take more risks/be more daring, and seek God's wisdom first instead of my own.

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