Saturday, May 1, 2010

Play Time.

After Brooklyn's nap this afternoon, 
we headed to the beach to soak up the last few hours of sunshine.

Both boys played,
And played,
And played.
No concept of time.
Not a care in the world.
Pure imagination.
One of our favorite things to do at the beach is to collect a variety of rocks 
and then decide together what the rocks resemble.
We had some really great ones today... 
We found a rock that looked like a mouse, a meatball, a banana,
 a dinosaur head and my personal favorite, Sebastian's find...
 A camera. Look at the shutter button! 
(I'm sorry that the picture quality is so poor,
 I was laughing hysterically when this picture was taken...)
Brooklyn had fun too,
In ways that only a two year old can...
The upside down,
In your face type of fun...
(An afternoon like this really makes me wonder, if life could be any sweeter.)


FairfieldHouse said...

Corey Ann,

No, life does not get any better. Sebastian had me laughing at the photo of him on the other side of the 'camera' ! Imagination is a wonderful thing.

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Laura said...

what a beautiful afternoon with your little ones. my two little boys are a constant reminder to slow down & enjoy life, one sweet moment at a time.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think it can get any sweeter...your blessed. Always enjoy looking at your pics of your beautiful boys.