Friday, January 2, 2009

Confessions Of A Stay At Home Mom... Part Two

I often find myself playing slug bug even when my kids are not in the car with me... Strange how once you turn that Volkswagen radar on, it just doesn't seem to turn off.

I have become quite fond of drive though banking.  I love that little tube that you get to put your belongings in, and the sound that it makes as it is being sucked away... Oh, and the small detail of not having to take two little boys into the bank with me. Genius.

I have found a way to carve out the twelve o clock hour in my day and use it completely to my liking.  

I have a small circular tin in my freezer that is filled with emergency chocolate...Recently topped off with Christmas fudge and toffee... Complete piece of mind.

Sometimes I take a sip of milk directly out of the carton, and always smile afterward, like I have gotten away with something terrible.

(You can find my original list of confessions here... Actually, it was my very first post, back in April of 2008.)

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