Monday, December 1, 2008

Advent Calendar

I spent last night putting together an idea that I have had for a few years now... I have always been a huge fan of the advent calender... We grew up with one in our home. My mother would bring it out for my sister Kelly and I each December, so that we could experience the mounting excitement leading up to Christmas day. Kelly and I loved opening just one pocket a day, all throughout the month... I figured this year was the year to introduce this tradition into my own home, and instead of buying one that was already made, I decided to make my own.  Here is what I did.  First, I went to a scrap booking store and found a sheet of holiday paper that had the numbers 1-25 printed on it... I used this as my guide and inspiration for the project... Next I cut out fifty square pieces from an old Martha Stewart Christmas magazine and made them into little pockets.  I adhered the numbers to the fronts of the pockets.  I decided that my advent calendar was going to have to be displayed in a way that would be enjoyable and accessible, but out of the reach of one very cute baby boy... So,I used a piece of velvet ribbon and temporarily adhered it to an old window that we have hanging in our kitchen.  I then used tiny clothes pins to hang each of the twenty five pockets from the velvet ribbon... Today while Sebastian was at school, Brooklyn and I went shopping for the contents of the pockets.  I decided on a variety of items, all of which I know Sebastian is going to love!  Christmas stickers, miniature candy canes, colored jingle bells... Two gift cards, one to Michael's and one to Target, so that on the days that he opens those pockets, we will have something extra fun to do!  And lastly the twenty fifth pocket contains a bunch of snowflake confetti and one shiny golden dollar!  I am so pleased with the outcome,it is just darling, and Sebastian loved this idea... Let the countdown begin!

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