Monday, December 1, 2008

Letters To Santa

The belief in Santa Claus at our house this year is in full effect, and thanks to my friend Lyn, I recently picked up the sweetest little kit to help aide children in writing to old Saint Nick... I purchased this adorable mailbox at Hallmark and it came loaded with stationary for the children to write their letters on, stickers for decorating, pretend stamps, and post cards to be returned to the children... Today we wrote the first of what I am sure will be many letters to Santa... Sebastian told me what he wanted the letter to say and I wrote it exactly as he told me to.  After writing the letter, he slipped it into the mailbox and raised the candy cane, signaling to Santa's elves that there was outgoing mail needing to be picked up and transported to the North Pole... Sebastian was so excited tonight when I was putting him to sleep!  He could not wait to wake up and see if the elves came and took the letter away!  So, so, sweet! What a magical time in Sebastian's life!  What a wonderful little kit!  Here are some pictures... enjoy!

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