Sunday, November 23, 2008


Holiday Tree Gift Labels
I received the most incredible email today, that when I read it , it completely made my day, my week... better yet my month!  I am so excited to share this with you!  I have had the privilege of working with the owner and creator of Sweet Pea Ink twice this year.  Once in creating Brooklyn's birthday invitations and now in creating our Christmas card.  She has the most amazing items on her site... The detail and the beauty in each piece, Ohhh... love at first site for me...  I received the proof of our Christmas card yesterday and am thrilled with the result!  I assume that she is happy with it too, because today she asked me if I would be willing to have the card featured on her stores blog... and went as far as to suggest including a link to my own blog and Etsy site! WHAT!!!! I am freaking out!  I have followed this woman's blog for nearly a year and now little ole me in going to be featured! Wow... The power of determination and positive thinking really have taken me quite a long way this year... Please follow this link and read what she has to say about yours truly... What an honor! Happy, Happy Saturday!

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