Saturday, November 22, 2008

Warmest Wishes

Have I mentioned lately how wonderfully supportive and encouraging my family and friends are? I am so lucky... 

My dearest friend,

I am so incredibly proud of you for finally taking the plunge towards sharing your talents with the world! I will forward the website to all my friends, colleagues and family in hopes to generate business for you. I also encourage and recommend you post more of your wonders as you have sooooooooo many. I know this will take a life of its own just give it time and don't be afraid to venture beyond this web site. In time (sooner than later) you can have your own site and shop! I will support you as best as I can always because I believe and love you Corey! Good luck and GREAT JOB! 

Hugs, Bren

Hi there-

 I am so excited for you and your new business venture!  I talk about you to friends and family all of the time and now I can let them see (and buy!) your beautiful creativity!  I am so very proud of you and know that this is only the beginning of something very big!   I so wish we all lived closer to share in your excitement.  Congratulations Corey...Matt, Riley and I love you very much and know that you are going to be a big success.  Dream big girl...look where it has gotten you so far!!


I can't wait to see you this spring....we will celebrate! 


Love you,



Don't know if you've heard, but Corey, most talented and creative daughter, stay-at-home mom to 2 of my beautiful grandsons, has opened up an on-line shop.  She also writes a wonderful blog, full of ideas, creations, memories, book suggestions, and generally anything in which a mom like herself might be interested.  Here are some websites for you!

 Cindy Walker (Momma)

Hi Friends and Family!

I wanted to share the following with you. This is an email from my sister about a on-line shop she just launched to start selling some of her beautiful handmade creations. For those of you who are not aware, she is very talented and creative... and these gift items could be perfect for birthdays, stocking stuffers, etc. Please read what she has to say, and visit her site. Our family thanks you! 

Happy Holidays,


Also, reading your blog about Etsy made me realize I have been too preoccupied with my own life to tell you 2 things!  I never thanked you for the magnets!  They are on my fridge, when they boys aren't taking them off to play with them, they are so cute, and I think of you each time I see them!  And, of course, am so proud of you for the Etsy shop as well, although I am clueless as to what it is as I have no creative bones in my body!  But know you will do great and am glad you are doing something for yourself!!!!!!!!  

Lisa Villicana

Good Morning Corey, and Congrats!!!! What a huge accomplishment for you!! I actually was wondering if you were going to to have anything on your website for stocking stuffers for kids?!  I always like to get the girls personalized nice goodies in their stocking to make it a treat and memorable.  Let me know  By the way...  your magnets are beautiful.  I am going to buy some for Chase and Baylee's teachers!!!  Congrats again-you deserve it.  I cant wait to see and buy your latest creation.


And you are right, what a treat...wonderful website.  i have never heard of Etsy till now  i love it!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Robinson

Great news!! Hoping great success come your way.

Uncle Dave the Doctor

That’s very exciting, Corey!!  I can’t wait to see all your beautiful creations.  Let me know if you ever need production support!  Jen

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!


 I am so proud of you, and plan to visit often! As I have had a quite drastic change of circumstance recently, I have been thinking more frequently about opening up at Etsy shop myself, because when I think about what makes me feel so happy and fulfilled, it is when I am creating. Thanks so much for sharing, and I will certainly send on the link to everyone in my address book, I am so excited and proud of you!!




Corey, That's great! Finally!!!!

Will Sweda

You go girl!!!!!!!!!  Im very proud of you!!!

Love you!


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