Sunday, November 23, 2008

Magnetic Puzzles

A month or so ago we were with friends at the Escondido Children's Museum, where Sebastian and Brooklyn became quite fond of a puzzle that had been adhered to magnets and hung on a piece of galvanized metal.  We thought that this was a wonderful idea seeing as it was very easy for the child to access the puzzle, and to see their progress in front of them... Plus there was no clean up involved! I figured this would be just as fun at home... I chose one of Sebastian's favorite puzzles and glued magnets to the backs of each piece... I stuck them on the magnetic board that Anthony and made for him at the beginning of the school year, and voile! Instant fun!  We all love to arrange and rearrange Curious George's outfits... Sebastian thinks it is quite funny to remove the middle section of the body and have him look small and silly! Fun none the less! You could easily do this project with any puzzle that your child enjoys, and you could display them wherever you like, even on the refrigerator door!

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Maria said...

Awesome idea! I have a small blackboard attached to our kitchen island and it keeps my son busy, he loves it! I will have to remember the puzzle idea when he gets older.