Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Little Things

This is a post that I have meant to enter for months now... A little tid bit on information that may make your life just that much sweeter... In our home, the momentum leading up to a meal can sometimes be stifling... So in a moment of intellectual bliss, I came up with this... A chair pocket... Hung from the back of both Sebastian and Brooklyn's dining room chairs are small felt pockets that are filled with various items... I purchased a set of four pockets from Pottery Barn Kids during a clearance a few years ago, although this is something that could easily be made...Brooklyn's chair pocket thus far has been stuffed with a packet of sensitive skin baby wipes for easy and painless messy meal cleanups!  Sebastian's on the other hand is filled and refilled every few weeks with items that will keep him busy, as he keeps me company while I cook... This week he has a ColorWonder packet of paper and magic pen, a little coloring book called Appetite for the Alphabet;which is so cute, and a cloth bag full of crayons... I allow him to access the contents of this pocket only during the time leading up to a meal, either breakfast, lunch or dinner.  This allows me the time that I need to prepare the meal, and I get to enjoy to company of my son within a close proximity to the kitchen.  I love this time with Sebastian as it is a necessary break in both of our days... He has a quiet moment to himself while he smells the food that will soon fill his belly and I have the opportunity to watch my boy create and explore within the confines of his pocket!  

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