Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Children's Publications

As I'm sure that you are aware, there are a number of fantastic children's publications out there just waiting to be delivered to your little ones on a monthly basis... Here are a few that we look forward to each and every month!  

The first of three that we currently receive is called, Ladybug;the magazine for young children.  I ordered this 
subscription for Sebastian around this time last year and we  have thoroughly enjoyed having it in our home!  I love the day that it shows up in the mail box because I know that there is a flurry of wonderment inside it's roughly thirty pages... Most of the magazine is filled with short stories and beautiful illustrations... There is usually at least one sort of game, either a connect the dot, a word puzzle, or something of this sort.  There is always a song to be be learned and sung, and always included, a small craft idea located on the last pages...  We love Ladybug and will continue to have it in our home for years to come!    
   The second subscription that we receive 
is National Geographic Little Kids.  I think this magazine is wonderful for multiple reasons... Here are a few!  The magazine itself is very small in size, just perfect for the little hands that are going to be thumbing through it's pages... Each months magazine starts and ends the same way... There are a few challenges to solve within the first few pages, such as, match the momma animal to her cub or which one is different, deciding which animal is a different species than the others.  The main portion
 consists of a story pertaining to one specific animal per month.  There are collectors cards in each issue that can be removed on a perforated 
line that feature actual photography of wildlife.  The end of the issue is dedicated to a recipe or craft for your child to get excited about trying!  

The third publication that we receive is called Babybug, little brother to Ladybug... This is the sweetest thing ever!  I know it seems silly to subscribe to a magazine for infants, but trust me, the first time that you flip through these pages, your heart will be won.  The pages of this little magazine are filled with very simple, yet beautiful pictures for baby to
 stare longingly at... There are some words throughout it's pages, small rhymes or songs that you can recite to your little one... Here is an expert from this months issue... 
It is titled...Night Sounds
Listen to the owl, 
Listen to the night train,
Listen to the night door,
Listen to the night mouse,
Very sweet, and made well of a thick paper that stands up to the tiniest of hands, and mouths!

I would highly recommend all three of these lovely children publications for your own children, I am sure that they would enjoy them just as much as mine do!

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