Saturday, August 2, 2008

Villicana Wine...

Yes you read the heading correctly,Villicana Winery, an actual vineyard right here is California!  Paso Robles to be exact, just up the coast from us a few hours sits a family owned(not ours unfortunately) and operated vineyard that produces a limited amount of fine wines each year!  We received this bottle as a gift, and have waited for just the right time to pop the cork and toast to our wonderful life!  That night ended up being last Thursday, no particular reason, just because we felt like it.... Sitting there sipping this great bottle of wine with my husband made me think... I can apply this form of waiting for the right time to life on a day to day basis...  We as humans wait, we hold out for the day when things are special, or better than they are now; for the right day, the right time; instead of realizing that every day alive is that day... Each day with our loved ones, happy and healthy, is that day... Things might not be perfect but they are never going to be... Pop the cork, drink the wine now... nothing is promised... We should have had this night in December when the bottle was given to us... Thank you friend for the great bottle of wine and the reminder of the actual gift... my life. Cheers!

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