Monday, August 11, 2008

The Fruits Of His Labor...

As I was delivering a mid day snack to the garden this afternoon, I happened to glance around the corner to where Sebastian and I had lovingly planted a variety of wonderful organic produce months ago... Remind you, these were seedlings, bought by my mom and planted one by one in hopes of one day harvesting  and eating the produce!  Early on the tomato plant proved to be quite happy in it's surroundings... It took off like a shot, grew almost as tall as I stand and then broke, due to the weight of the budding fruit... We cut it back and have been waiting for the tomatoes to re-emerge!  Maybe a week ago now we saw eight to ten small sized, green tomatoes on the vine!  Today red!  Glorious, beautiful red!  I went and got Sebastian to see what had transformed, literally overnight... He was so proud, his tomatoes were healthy and ready to be picked!  How exciting!  Four tomatoes, perfect for my four year old boy... Many a morning, Sebastian tends to his garden, looking for progress and examining the details of what he sees... We will cook with these tonight, and then my son will truly taste, full circle, the fruits of his labor.

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