Monday, August 11, 2008

Better For You, Better For Me...

Three fabulous new finds in my quest of all things green...

These delightful cloth bags are handmade by an  entrepreneurial momma right here in San Diego... The concept of ditching plastic snack bags for these darling sacks is well anticipated in our home!  I love the draw string and the hook attachment... also the stainless steal bowl insert is ingenious!  A Eco-conscious friend and fellow momma turned me on to these and am I ever glad that she did! (Thanks Jennifer!) One for each of my little snackers, these can't be delivered soon enough! 

After committing to serve snacks on the go from cloth bags, I figured why not look for a natural choice to house Sebastian's sandwiches... Happy sacks have a sandwich bag just perfect for this job!  Adorable fabric choices made this an easy choice!  We'll take two please!  Just in time for back to school peanut butter sammies!

Beautifully crafted aluminum water bottles conger up questions as to why you drank from plastic for so long... Have you heard the statistics on plastic water bottle waste in the United States alone?  It is staggering...(40 million plastic bottles a day go into the trash or become litter...)  Nothing I want to further contribute to... Count our household in... no more plastic bottles for this family!  Out with the old and terrible, in with the new and wonderful!

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