Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Stars and The Castle

Today I thought that Sebastian and I should make a set of shadow puppets to play with prior to bedtime; or anytime throughout the day... actually,any excuse to use a flashlight is gladly accepted!... I got the idea from another mother's blog, and put my own spin on it... I love the twigs that we used as handles and I think that the black die cut's are a wonderful alternative to hand cutting our own shapes and designs. I went to our local scrap-booking store today while Sebastian was at school, and was able to spend over a hour die cutting various shapes and images that I knew he would love! (Thank you to Brooklyn who slept peacefully beside me...) Here are a few of what I chose... A camera, stars, a castle, a family silhouette, a cat, tree, pumpkin, so on a so forth... fourteen in all. What wonderful fun! He loved this project just as much as I did, and do you know what the best park of my day was??? Sitting cross legged with my big boy in a pitch black closet, casting wonderful shadow's on the wall... My favorite... the stars, his favorite, the castle...

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