Sunday, May 18, 2008

Idea's Please?

I have been racking my brain trying to think of a creative way to use a stock pile of glass baby food jar's... We have already filled some with crafting supplies such as buttons and glitter, paint and rhinestones, but I still feel like these jars have a greater calling... Donate some to Sebastian's preschool, check... Recycle a few hundred, check... Any fabulous ideas... please enlighten me and leave a comment below... thanks!


tinysprouts said...

1. spice jars! if you can clean the outside label gunk off and make your own labels, they would be sweet jars!
2. another thing I love to do with little jars is to put little flowers in them and scatter some on a dresser.
3. when I was growing up my dad had a little workshop. he screwed the lids into a piece of wood and then would use the jars to sort washers, screws, etc. it was always neat though because you would have a row of hanging jars and to get them down you just unscrewed the jar!
4. make your own soy candles. my friend and I made soy candles and it was really easy. these might be fun to have in a nursery or give as shower gifts.
5. potpourri jars. you could wrap the outside of the jar in a strip of fabric and punch holes in the lid and fill it with homemade potpourri.
6. individual jelly jars for breakfast. I always think it is fun when you go to a restaurant and they have mini ketchups, etc. you could do this for your kids and put jam in them.

best of luck!

jamiedawn said...

fill each with tea lights! on mantels, countertops, outdoor walkways, they give just enough dim lighting!