Wednesday, August 10, 2011

up d a t e

the end of our summer vacation seems to be creeping in slowly like a think fog,
 less than two weeks left with my little ones at home everyday...

with the impending start of another school year among us,

 I can't help but think of the fall,

 and all of the amazingness that the new season will bring with it this year.

in particular, my participation in the
lives in the forefront of my mind each and every day!

if you haven't had a chance to, please consider doing any or all of the following.
 Please take a look at the facebook page that I created in order to document
 my process throughout the training and fundraising,
 leading up to and throughout the completion of the 3-Day race in November. 

You can find the page here, 

while you're there, please feel free to leave a message on my wall,
 "like" my page and forward the page to those you think would appreciate it.

( i appreciate you!)

also, please be reminded that donations can easily be 
made directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation
by clicking on the word "donations" below.

Last month
 I announced the opening
 of my etsy store,

for the remainder of this month, all proceeds from sales of my photo prints 
will be donated towards my 3-Day fundraising goal! 
So, please take a peek and see if there is a print, (or two) 
that you might love to have for yourself, 
or perhaps something for a friend (or two!)

every little bit counts at this point!

thank you again and again for your involvement in my life.

 for taking interest in what interests me,

 and for allowing me to live
passionately and openly.

have a wonderful day! 

x o x o C

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