Sunday, August 7, 2011

the great o u t d o o r s

this week we went camping 
the boys were so excited when we finally hit the road.
four and a half hours up the coast to our final destination.
lake cachuma, santa barbara c a l i f or n  i a.

while the adults set up camp, the boys played,

and played

and played.

the trees at the campsite were huge oaks with branches yearning to be climbed.

just south of our campsite was a steep path to the waters edge where you could sit in silence,

 skipping rocks and thanking the universe for little pockets in life such as this.

the sound of the water lapping against the shore was the perfect allowance for an hour
 of uninterrupted conversation with my big sister,
 a time to reconnect and express love and appreciation for one another.

(i love you K e l l y.)

the view from our tent was beautiful and serene.

the sound and motion of the water in combination with the cool breeze 

was enough to calm even the busiest of minds.

my beautiful niece francesca was a joy to watch. 

hard to believe that she is ten months old already.

the love that brooklyn has for baby fran is hard to describe.

it's inspiring to say the least.

a dear friend of my sisters brought her beautiful family to the campsite as well.

this is their doggie.

and their daughter noella.

b e a u t i f u l. 

sunset on the lake was the most anticipated part of my days.

the brilliance of the suns light hitting the glassy water, produced a lake filled with glitter,

which sparkled and glinted until the sun slipped away into the earths edge and the nights darkness 

enveloped us, our campsite and our cozy little tent.

mornings came quick.

emergence from the warmth and security of our sleepy little haven was quickly greeted by my mom, 

stoking the mornings fire and assuring the readiness of hot coffee.

twenty to thirty minutes of quiet time with my m o t h e r 

before little bodies started to stir and be drawn to the warmth of the fire's edge.

morning s n u g g l e s.

hot c h o c o l a t e.

warm b r e a k f a s t .

afternoons were the perfect time for swimming and sun bathing.

a day of fishing and boating on the lake will most likely play the largest

 of importance in the boys memories associated with this camping trip.

nana patiently baiting the hook and  instructing on how best to position the fishing pole and line.

watching the faces of the children as our motor boat cut through the lake,

was realization that in that very moment, 

i was witnessing the freedom and spender of summer vacation

 washing over them; saturating their hearts and souls with 

enough happiness and ease to face the impending year ahead.

this day on the lake would be the daydream in their heads.

 a short hike revealed a beautiful cove, 

which shaded from the direct sunlight above us, 

became the perfect place to stop and rest.

and allow brothers to share in a conversation ,

and an impromptu rock throwing contest with my nephew...

the great slow down that occurs in this environment is something

 you wish would seep into your everyday life. 

the ease of living without an agenda or schedule.

 the ability to spend your days doing everything or nothing. 

and the acceptance to be completely fine with that decision.

more time for self reflection.

less time for outer and inner chaos.

less time for bickering and arguing.

more time for expressions of love and g r a t i t u d e.

i think that for each individual, 

the path to understand the ebb and flow of daily life is different.

 i find myself  in a dead run though my life. 

a sprint to the end of each day.

in the pace of life that i lead; this sprint to the finish line, leaves much to be desired.

 for in the speed and exhilaration of the s p r i n t 

 the scenery that surrounds me becomes blurred, sounds muffled-

 and the moments that combine themselves to make a beautiful and full day become entangled.

here the moments are just that.

m o m e n t .

singular. slow. drawn out.

the sprint becomes a leisurely walk. 

senses are alert.

eyes are wide open.

 skin is alive.

heart is full. 

mind is t h a n k f u l.

and the pace of my life is reset to 

s l o w

 moving forward.


Fairfield House said...

Corey Ann,

At the risk of repeating myself: Best.Post.Ever.!

Beautiful photographs of those you hold nearest and dearest. Beautiful heart felt truths expressed.

Thank you for taking me along on this spiritual retreat.

Your Friend,

Corey said...

Deborah, Thank you! You are so incredibly kind and supportive. Thank you for your constant encouragement. xoxo C

Cindy Walker said...

As I have said before, "I love your blog!"
Mamma xo

Cindy Walker said...

As I have said before, "I love your blog"!

Mamma xoxo

Amy {The Idea Room} said...

Looks like a great time. So fun to see you beautiful photos and your boys! Had to stop by and say hi!

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos! I love the shades of blue and grey that make this entire post so cohesive. Your boys are gorgeous!