Sunday, June 12, 2011

soldier s t o r i e s- Hunter Curtis Gough

quoted from their son's eulogy, written by a mother and father, 
in loving remembrance of their son, Hunter.

"Hunter Curtis Gough entered this life in the same way he exited this life... in a hurry."

"Hunter's independent, clever spirit was evident early on. 
That was our Hunter... always doing things his way, hoping to get away with it,
 and often he did because of his charm and wit."

" Hunter's illness came on very suddenly.
 He had a few minor low grade fevers, a bit of a cold here and there,
 but really nothing until December 2007, 
when our family heard the devastating news... 
Hunter had leukemia. 
It is a treatable disease, however Hunter ended up with complications involving chromosomes,
 and a very aggressive, very difficult to treat type of fungal pneumonia.
 At every turn, the cards were stacked against him. 
We of course held up hope that his body would heal until the final hour,
 but it was not in God's plan."

"Hunter was not awake at all the final three weeks of his illness. He felt no pain."

" Our beloved Hunter is now with God. He is an angel watching over all of us. His memory will live on in all of us. He had affected us all in some way, and we believe he had a real purpose here on this earth. Perhaps he was here to show us how to dream, how to challenge the norm, how to live each day to the fullest. We believe he was also here to show us how to love and be loved, unconditionally."

Gough family,

 I'm honored to be walking in remembrance of your sweet Hunter

and his courageous fight with cancer.

 May he rest in peace.

 fundraising goal in Hunter's honor,

please click on his name below.

H U N T E R 

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Screaming Meme said...

Oh man...This got me...:( I am so sorry he lost his life at such a young age...I know he will be missed...I will make sure to say a prayer for his family...and try and do something kind today in honor of Hunter....

Xo, Meme