Tuesday, May 10, 2011

h e l l o again.

h e l l o. 

hello, long warm afternoons in the backyard teaching your brother how to fly...

hello puppy.

hello handsome little man.

hello little face that I love so much.

hello to the two greatest mother's day gift's a girl could ask for.

hello      t r u e     love.

hello, las vegas lights from the highway.

hello girls weekend.

 oh and hello John.

hello snow globe. hello memories.

hello computer. hello back to reality.

hello l i f e, i love you so.

hello Florida, (tomorrow.)

Please have a 
 w o  n d e r f u l 


Morgan said...

Wonderful post. Love the story through pictures.

Pearl said...

Beautiful Post.
Your two sons are so beautiful! No really! the most handsom little ones I have ever seen!! They should model for baby gap. ;)


Fairfield House said...


You had me at "Hello John" :)

You're on my coast tomorrow! Disney World?

Your Friend,