Tuesday, April 12, 2011

spring break

last week was spring break here is southern California.
the weather was less than kind.
rainy and bitterly cold throughout our seven days of freedom.

the highlight of our time away from school was my sister and her kiddos coming to visit.
the lowlight of our time away from school was watching them drive down our street,
on their way back home early Saturday morning.

(I'll never get used to the fact that I cant see her and those little loves whenever I might like.) 
One day, Kelly and I will be neighbors, stopping by each others homes for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Raising our children together. 

Growing old(er) together.

I can't wait for that day.

 Kelly is the most amazing person that I know. 

Truly, amazing. 

If you know her too, you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

If you don't know her, I wish that you did, your life would be better for it.

That being said, we got our little ones out in that rainy, freezing weather

 and somehow I managed to snap a few pictures off... 

Here are some snippets of our spring break together.

leo carillo ranch, Carlsbad California

the San Diego Children's Museum

sweet potato

some really wonderful things that we did but that were not photographed....

ice skating

basketball hoop(ing)

long, lazy mornings

wine bar(ing)

book reading

petting zoo(ing)

baby shower(ing)

early morning awakenings to Francesca's smiling face

laying in the hammock

lots of coffee with Toffee Nut coffee creamer

decorating the barn for Easter

car singing

milk shake drinking

all girls shopping trips... Kelly, Fran and I.

self serve frozen yogurt

movie watching


joke telling

cookie baking

i hope that you enjoyed your spring break as much as we enjoyed ours. xoxo C


Bonnie said...

I love this post! It is just wonderful. Makes me miss my sister. I live in PA and she lives in FL. I read your blog every day. I am in love with your photography. I always look forward to each and every one of your post. You truly have a gift!

Fairfield House said...


Spring break in this part of NJ is next week. We are having our Easter Egg Hunt this Sunday. Wish you, Kelly and Lynn were closer and could attend with your little ones! I will take photos (not as lovely as yours unfortunately).

The image of your nephew, Sebastian and Brooklyn sitting on the stairs made me smile. Even though they are steps away from each other, both your boys are looking at their hands.

Your Friend,