Tuesday, April 19, 2011

q and a

(answers to some of your more recently asked questions...)

Where do you shop for your home decor?

this is a hard question to answer, seeing as I shop for our home every single place that I go. 

My eyes are always scanning, searching for another little treasure for our tiny little house.

Seeing that the barn is so small, I have to be extremely selective

 and conscious of the space that I'm working with.

thrift stores, antique malls, garage and estate sales are amongst my 

most favorite places to shop for interiors,

Another great place to find unique and original pieces for you home is online. 

Etsy is a treasure trove of amazingness. 

Some of my very favorite home decor 

pieces were bought online.

Do you decorate the barn seasonally or by holiday?

i suppose the answer to this question would be, both.

one of my most fond childhood memories, growing up in my mothers house,

 was her bringing out the 

holiday boxes and Kelly and I helping her to decorate the house.

I  do the same thing with my kids, they love it.

Have Buddy and Bella met?

yes, Buddy and Bella met within days of Buddy becoming a part of our family.

We brought Bella into our home when she was a tiny little thing, four years ago this month.

When we added Buddy into the mix at the end of last summer, 

my hopes were high that they would love one another.

They don't seem to bother each other in the slightest,

 although you can tell that Miss. Bella Blue defiantly has the upper hand in their relationship.

 (Too funny)

What is your three year old currently interested in? Any suggestions for great toys etc...

I have to preface this by saying that at age three Brooklyn would play a game of baseball with a stick 

and an acorn if that was what he was given.

He has a G R E A T imagination.

Although, some of his current favorites are

 the Toy Story series, he often pretends that he is Buzz Lightyear...

any type of monkey toy, stuffed animal etc...

My Neighbor Totoro, (which is an absolute MUST see film.)

and the touch and feel book series, Pat The Cat in particular, although he LOVES them all.

What is the age difference between your sister Kelly and yourself?

Kelly was born in July of 1978.

and I was born on the last day of December of 1979.

We were born seventeen months apart.

Why aren't you ever in any of the photographs on your blog?

The easy and obvious answer to this question would be that I'm not in many of the photographs, because 

I am the one always behind the camera.

The sillier more complicated answer would be that at this point in my life, I am much more comfortable 

behind the camera than in front of it.

(Kelly snapped these pictures of me while she was here visiting a few weeks ago.)

If there is something else that you just must know about me or my little life, please don't hesitate to ask.

 (I 'll do my best to answer sooner than later from now on.)
xoxo C


jamiedawn said...

awesome entry! thank you, as always!

jamiedawn said...

awesome entry, as always!!