Saturday, April 9, 2011

applique' throw

this project was a challenge for me from beginning to end. 

Although, with some help from friends and 

family, the throw is complete and I just love the way it turned out.

materials and equipment

tailor's chalk, tape measurer and long ruler
solid color fabric, preferably with a good drape so that it hangs well.
fusible web
floral fabric with motifs that can be cut out
pins, needle, and sewing thread
embroidery needle and floss


 i decided to make the throw into a larger more functional sized blanket,

 that my boys and I could snuggle 

up with whether on the couch, or in a park...

or that the sweetest little girl in the entire world 

could have her six month old photographs taken atop.

i added a quilters batting and backed the throw with a lovely Amy Butler fabric.




Megan said...

I love the throw, but once you put that adorable baby on top I have to admit that I completely forgot about it! She is so precious!

diane said...

the throw is one of my favorite projects from the book. your's turned out beautiful. do you mind sharing some details about the type of fabric you used for the background?


O'Melly said...

OH my gosh, look at the eyes on that baby!! My brain is on cute overload.

Fairfield House said...

I can't believe baby Fran is 6 months old! I see a lot of Sebastian in her face perhaps because he looks much like his mom and she and her sister look alike.

The throw turned out lovely. I haven't started mine yet but you've encouraged me to.

Your Friend,