Monday, January 3, 2011

year in review

at this time last year, I joined in the excitement of the 365 project.

my project was officially completed two days ago, January 1, 2011.

(i am so very proud.)

A picture a day for an entire year.


thank you.

Also, turning thirty one years old early Friday morning was just awesome.

I'm one seriously lucky girl.

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you fabulous souls 

that spends even a little bit of your precious time with me.

(You are wonderful.)


Betty Ray said...

Happy New Year. Your little guy is adorable as is his gifty. Congrats on the pic a day project and completing it. I've been wanting to do it to force myself to shoot, but was afraid I couldn't do everyday. You are my inspiration now! :)

Cindy Walker said...

Oh, thank you my sweet birthday girl. I love you!

Cindy Walker said...

Oh girl, thank you. I love you!

Bethany Susan said...

what a sweetheart! this makes me melt! happy late birthday AND happy late new year!

Anonymous said...

I am considering the 365 project. Your 2010 collection is stunning.
So happy you had a wonderful birthday!
You look like your sweet Mama.

Your Friend,

Corey said...

Thank you so very much! My birthday was wonderful!

Betty Rae- Thank you for your sweetness about Sebastian's gift for me. And thank you also for your congratulations on finishing my photo project. I hop that you will decide to challenge yourself as well! Best of luck.

Deborah- I would love to follow along with your project is you decide to start one, please let me know. And than you, yes my mother and I hear that we look alike quite often. xoxo