Friday, December 31, 2010

thirty one

I turned thirty one years old today.

While photographing these little piles of thirty one things, 

I realized, that my life has just begun.

I'm thrilled about that.

(Happy Birthday to me.)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I love the pictures that you posted....very cool:)

Have a wonderful new year. I love your blog and frequent it often.

Have a blessed birthday day.

Tabitha said...

Happy Birthday!!!

FairfieldHouse said...

Corey Ann,

I didn't know you were born on NY Eve! Look how many people celebrate your birthday each year! Happy birthday to you, sweet friend.


Shelley said...

Happy Birthday ! I would love to be 31 again ! Be blessed friend.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday! Actually just came to your blog from Aura's and I love what you've got here! Excited to be your newest follower! Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!

Corey said...

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! Happy New Year to you all!