Saturday, November 20, 2010

this and that

Thank you so very much if you are one of my lovely readers that has complimented me on that darling new banner up there at the top of this page.
 I was thrilled to work with the proprietress of Lark Cre'atif.
She was just wonderful.
I love her work.
(I think you would as well.)

We are getting really excited about Thanksgiving.
Are you?
Isn't this table beautiful?
I sure think so.

You can find more beauty like this at Emerson Made.
(I ordered mine early last week and I cant wait for it to arrive.)

While making mention of NieNie... 
Have you watched this little piece of amazing?
I'm in the midst of working on a new series on Inspirational Interviews. 
We are days away from the first.
(I can not wait!)
I'm anticipating these interviews just about as much as 
I'm anticipating a slice of Pecan Pie on Thursday morning.

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