Wednesday, September 29, 2010


 We've added another little boy to the household.
I'm not a dog person by nature. Although, my husband swears he is.
 Little boys are supposed to have a trusty canine companion, right?
My little boys sure think so.
Sebastian told me last night that his heart was "so happy" now that Buddy was home.
Who can resist that type of sweetness, or a face like this?
Apparently, not me.
Welcome home Buddy.


Randi said...

I have a bulldog that looks like he could be your new dog's brother. Enjoy!

ChRiS said...

does my heart good to see animals find good homes and hope forever homes...i had a boxer for 13 yrs one day she went out for her nap she loved laing in garden with flowers all around her and god decided to take her from me thats 4 yrs now and isn't 1 single day i don't miss that girl she was the best pet i ever had.....i have been begging and begging and even offered to foster boxers but hub is standing his ground and sayin no i dont think he realizes the whole in my heart from not haveing another boxer. well best go as usual i am shedding tears...but on a final note i am so happy for Buddy and ur family enjoy everyday!!!!

chasenbayleesmom said...

Oh My Gosh Corey!! He is sooo freakin cute!! Congrats! Having a dog is alot of work but so worth it-especially when they are wonderful with the kids!! XOXO

tanya said...

what a cutie! You're an awesome mom.

FairfieldHouse said...

Corey Ann,

I always considered myself a cat person until I happened upon Buster the beast of the east and his partner in crime, Scout. What can I say? I still love my cats but God makes room in your heart to love them all.

I think the boys will like this post about Scout:

Your Friend,