Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh My.

I cannot believe how quickly these days have been passing.
I feel like I'm trying to cram a weeks worth of activity into every single day. 
The weather is finally getting a bit better, the sun providing us with it''s warmth.
The boys have settled into a new summer routine,
sleeping well into the mornings and finding it hard to tire at night.
(Momma on the other hand is exhausted, but insanely happy and grateful beyond explanation.)

With the hustle and bustle comes a bit of sacrifice.
I have accepted that the dishes are not always going to be done prior to leaving the house on the morning,

and that most days, my tiny kitchen countertop ends up looking like this.
It's summer after all, and who can do everything? (Right?)

The Villicana Family Lemon Drop is days away and the crafty cuteness for the event is in full effect...
My darling sister is having her baby girl in about a month and a half and I am knee deep in designing and creating a beautiful baby shower honoring both she and baby Francesca.
(Including hand crafting a set of these baby diaper, thank you cards for her to send out after the shower... Too cute right?)
I can't divulge too much about the shower prep, because my sister is an avid Life With Little Ones reader and I want for her to be surprised on the morning of the baby shower.
( Hello Kelly.)

In addition to all of the craziness lately, I have also made time for some long drawn out days where we don't even leave home. We stay in our pajamas most of the day and eat every meal on the picnic table underneath the walnut tree.
These are the best days.
Making sure to take time for an afternoon nap with your two year old snuggle bug
and noticing the view of his room, from atop his bed, for the first time.
Days that provide plenty of time for reading 
The Mouse And The Motorcycle with your moto- loving six year old and 
watching his imagination run wild.
Time to tend to the garden that is flourishing and providing beauty and bounty to your family.
And most importantly, days to treasure your  little ones and try your very hardest to make each moment together count...

While trying not to worry about just how many gum balls your sons have chewed within one days time.
All in all, life is amazing.
I'm just wishing for more of the slower days...
(They'll be here soon enough.)
Have a wonderful week.


Crafty Mom said...

I love all your reflections, making every moment count. Wonderful photographs.

Kelly Sweda said...

Yippie!!!! The cutest thank you cards EVER and a sneak peek at some of my surprises. (Hi Corey.)

Bonnie said...

I love reading your posts...they are so magical. It's just the way you explain has that homey, warmth, and love feeling. I love the photos of what your son sees from his bed...beautiful and charming. and...the upside down chair thing for your kitty, that is so adorable!

FairfieldHouse said...

Corey -

The invitations are too adorable. I'm sure they are an indication of how special the shower will be.
Thank you for sharing your captured summer moments with us. I especially love Sebastian's discovery of Beverly Cleary! One of my childhood favorites.

Your Friend,