Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm often asked where I draw my inspiration, how I convey a thought into an actual project or what I use as a sense of direction while decorating my home.
To be honest, I find inspiration all around me.
A song, a photograph, even an emotion felt, can spark my creativity.
Visual stimulation is by far the most direct form of inspiration for me.
It seems to me that a picture is truly worth a thousand words, maybe a million.
Over the past few years I have kept a binder of magazine pages, newspaper clippings etc.. that have inspired me in one way or another. I keep them in hopes of one day drawing upon them in pursuit of something beautiful of my own.
So tell me, what inspires you?


Jen @ said...

Great inspiration photos. I can't wait to decorate for fall!


qwiksave said...

Hi, I usually love being inspired by textures, particularly worn, colourful, rusty or layered paint types.

Yesterday however, I wrote a post about how I was inspired by the table we have in our hallway. It has lovely carved scrolls on it.

Love the idea of an inspiration file. Nicky (aka qwiksave)

Bonnie said...

that is a really great idea and I should start doing this! I have come across so many gorgeous magazine articles and pictures that have really made me feel good just looking at them!

Laura said...

i keep a similar binder. i love tearing inspiring pages out of magazines & it's such a great way to organize them. i'm definitely inspired by beautiful images that make me want to surround myself & my family with beauty & happiness.

FairfieldHouse said...