Monday, May 17, 2010


Busy buzzing bee is an understatement these days. 
School is almost over for the year, and work has picked up considerably! Thank goodness! 
I'm loving the hustle bustle of life, only wishing I could slow some moments 
way down and really take them in.
In the midst of things like this, this and this,
we have been hard at work in the yard!
The garden is near finished... I know that I had said that it was complete, but that was until my parents got here this week and my step father suggested adding some soil, sand and hay before rototilling
 the entire garden and making repairs to the in ground watering system.
How could I say no to something like that?
Everyone is pitching in to help.
Another project that we have been working on is the construction and design of the new craft shed that was built this last week! I can not wait to spend hours and hours in this little shed being creative and making magic! Drywall, a work bench, paint and shelving are all in the works!

Luckily, there has also been time for watching little boys play outside 
though the kitchen window,

Baking banana bread,
Perusing  the farmers market,
Playing pretend,
Painting big boy beds,
Following Flat Stanley's travels throughout the country,
Riding the tire swing,
and potty training a little boy.


chasenbayleesmom said...

Soooo Cute. I am glad things are going well for you guys!!!


Patti said...

You certainly have been a very busy little bee, how exciting about the craft room, what a delight that will be.

Tanya said...

A craft room! A perfect space for you. :)

FairfieldHouse said...


Love seeing the boys outside working in the garden! I am so happy that you are getting a special place to create!