Thursday, November 5, 2009

Slowing Down

I woke Brooklyn from his nap the other afternoon. I know, I know, the cardinal rule... broken. I had a list of errands a mile long and a limited amount of time before we had to pick big brother up from school. I woke him, gently rubbing his back. He seemed almost startled to be woke. He reached up for me and I held him in my arms. He laid his head on my shoulder. I carried him downstairs and when I noticed that he had not much moved since I first picked him up, I sat on the couch and waited. Minutes came and went. I watched the clock at first, and then told myself to stop. I focused on the size of his body in my arms; limbs hanging, stretching towards the ground. The smell of his hair. I felt his belly expanding and contracting against mine and felt the weight of his body increase as he sank deeper and deeper into complete relaxation. A slight purr or a snore. The warmth permeating from his little body. We stayed like this for nearly an hour. I can't remember the last time my baby slept in my arms. If there were ever anything to remind me to slow down and really, really soak up the otherwise rushed and overlooked moments, it is time like this.

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Patti said...

Beautiful =) I love these unexpected moments that become our most dear treasures.