Monday, October 5, 2009

Beef Sandwhiches

 The first recipe that I am going to share comes to me from my sister in law, Lisa. While visiting her home in Indiana years ago, she made these beef sandwiches, and was kind enough to write out her recipe for me. That recipe card has been near the front of my recipe box throughout the last four years, and we use it periodically throughout the year. However, these sandwiches have become a family tradition at Christmas time while my sister is visiting from Santa Barbara. Everyone loves the sandwiches, I have a feeling that you will too!

Beef Sandwiches

Boneless Chuck Roast
Lipton Onion Soup
Hot Chili Peppers

Cook meat in a Crock Pot on low with soup mix. (Two packets of soup per 6 pounds of meat) 7-8 hours.
(Usually done overnight the night prior to being served.)
In the morning, shred the meat with a fork and discard of excess fat.
1-2 hours prior to serving, add a portion, or the entire contents of a jar of hot peppers,undrained, to the Crock Pot.

Serve a heaping portion of beef atop a hoagie roll, or something similar. We usually add a bit of mayonnaise and some people like a slice or two of cheese, but otherwise, the meat in wonderful on it's own! Serve it up and enjoy!

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