Monday, September 7, 2009

Inspirational Interview-Jessica Christian

Meet Jessica... I happened upon her divine blog through a link posted on yet another wonderful website. A handmade slip cover for a tiny sized couch, Hmmm... How clever. As I perused the archives of, The Adventures Of Rory and Jess and Sadie, I was inthralled with the beauty and the talent that this little lady radiates. Crafty is an understatement. Her sewing ability is out of this world, her quilting skills are outrageous;perfect lines, perfect proportions. Perfect. The kicker has got to be the face of that sweet baby girl of hers... Precious. Jessica also has a darling shop, Bits for Baby, where I dare you to try to find something that you don't love. I a thrilled to welcome you to this incredibly special place and introduce you to it's creator, the incredibly talented and sweet, Jessica Christian.

1. How did you choose the name of your business and or blog?

My blog name I thought of at work when I created the blog...just completely random. Bits for Baby, the name of my etsy store, just came to me while I was brainstorming for a name, right off the bat too...I didn't consider anything else!

2. What inspires you?

Nature, my daughter, music, delicious food, blogs.

3. Favorite day of the week/why?

Friday, probably. It's date night so I don't have to cook!

4. Greatest influence?

Family members such as my mother and grandmother...and other blogs! I just love the wealth of knowledge that these wonderful women are willing to share!

5. Earliest childhood memory?

Probably my most clear memory is from when I was five years old. We live in the Bay Area, CA, and in 1989 there was a massive earthquake. I remember walking with my mom to my Grandparents house from ballet class, and then the earthquake struck. We were walking past a pink house with three trees in the front yard, and the people came running out. My mom grabbed me under my arms and stumbled around. The earth looked like ocean waves! When it was over, we saw my dad sprint out of my grandparents house down the street, ready to hop in the car to come look for us. Luckily no one we knew was hurt, although we did have some damage done, our fish tank fell over and broke, and my little ceramic kitty bank broke. That was what I was most upset over. :)

6. When did you know that you were ready to embark on creating your own business?

When I was pregnant with my daughter last year, I started making some onesies and burp cloths for her. It just sort of morphed from that into bits for baby!

7. When was the last time that you laughed until your belly hurt?

Last night, at some hilarious blogs. I love It's great!

8. When was the last time that you cried?

Last night as well. I needed the laughter after reading the Mac's update.

9. How old were you when you gave birth to your first child? (If applicable)

24 years old

10. Everyday must have?

Softlips chapstick, some sewing or crafting, Sadie smiles/laughter, and something sweet to eat.

11. Most treasured item?

My many scrapbooks...they represent a lot of time and energy, and hold many precious memories!

12. Hopes for your future in both business and your personal life?

As long as I still enjoy it, I hope it continues to grow! I love what I get to do, business and personal life-wise, so I can't wait to see what the future has in store for me!

13. Advise for others who might be contemplating following their dreams?

Go for it! Give it a shot, if it doesn't work, try something else!

14. Chocolate... Dark, Light or white?

Milk chocolate, yum!

15. Middle Name?


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Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I just found you through the Idea Room and cannot wait to look around more! Yahoo for new blogs!