Sunday, September 6, 2009

Insperational Interview-Amy Huntley

I remember the morning that I found The Idea Room. The first thing that caught my eye was the photography; the beautiful images that filled my computers screen one after another. As I looked further, I would discover the extreme talent of this stay at home mother of five. Her blog is a wonderful place to find a multitude of ideas for making your home more beautuiful, your life more organized and your days with your family more memorable... What more could you ask for? Amy also has a darling little shop attached to he blog, The Idea Room Store, where you can purchase and enjoy a little piece of her work for yourself. I am pleased to introduce you to the creator and owner of The Idea Room, Amy Huntley. Amazingly orchestrated and meticulously executed is the best way to describe this women's work. Beautiful, raw talent... Truly inspirational...

  • How did you choose the name of your business and or blog? Being a mother has been (and is) the hardest thing I have ever done on every level (physical, emotional and spiritual). Mom’s can sometimes be very critical of each other and how they are raising their children. I wanted a place where we could come together, share IDEAS and help one another do what we are all trying to do… raise our families sucessfully.

  • What inspires you? Music, creating things, nature, and more importantly, my religion.

  • Favorite day of the week/why? Of course I love the weekends, but I love Thursdays. I don’t know why really…Friday is right around the corner, and yet the weekday chores are all mostly completed. The fact that it is also the night of the only TV show my hubs and I watch (Survivor) could also be a factor!

  • Greatest influence? My husband and kids of course. My mom and sisters/sister-in-laws who are my other best friends. And my college Genetics professor!

  • Earliest childhood memory? One of my earliest memories is walking on the sidewalk in my footie pajamas to my best friend Michelle’s house. There was a red ant hill and for some reason I walked right through their path. I was soon covered with swarming, angry, biting ants. I stood paralyzed in fear and screaming for my mom. I remember her running to get me and stripping off my pajamas and spraying me with a hose to remove the ants. I was covered with little red welts. Needless to say ants still creep me out.

  • When did you know that you were ready to embark on creating your own business? I have always had ideas of things I had wanted to make and sell, but never thought it would go anywhere. Then I started this blog and things just kind of naturally led in that direction. When I started The Idea Room I had no idea it would grow as quickly as it has.
  • When was the last time that you laughed until your belly hurt? At our family reunion last week. My sister’s little boy (3) had an accident. She took him inside to change him and clean him up. He managed to get away from her and ran back outside and streaked all the old aunties and my Dad’s cousins! Good thing they have a sense of humor.

  • When was the last time that you cried? My sister just lost a close friend to cancer. She left behind three little girls and her husband. I cried for their loss and for my sister’s. Stories like these make me grateful for my religion and the things it teaches me about my Heavenly Father and Jesus. I also am more acutely aware of my many blessings and am reminded of what’s really important .

  • How old were you when you gave birth to your first child? A few months shy of my 25th birthday.

  • Everyday must have? My laptop, i-pod, hugs from my kids, my Nikon and CHOCOLATE!

  • Most treasured item? My kids baby photos.

  • Hopes for your future in both business and your personal life? As far as business goes, I will just let this blog go where it takes me, “meeting” and sharing ideas with others and be sure I enjoy the ride. I don’t want it to ever become something I am not enjoying. I am also working to keep my High School Teachers Certification (which expires soon) current in case I ever have the desire or need to return to teaching science.
Personally, I plan to continue seeing the world through my kids eyes and enjoy the time I have left before they leave the nest. Which is happening much quicker than I ever imagined. There is a time in life for everything and this is our time.

  • Advise for others who might be contemplating following their dreams? Do what makes you happy. Do not be afraid to try. Failure is a way to discover who you are and what you are capable of. You are always a work in progress.

  • Chocolate... Dark, Light or white? Any and all?! I love Dove milk chocolate!

  • Middle name? Lynne—The same as my mom, two sisters, two of my daughters and a niece!


Patti said...

I just recently came across this wonderful little treasure and couldn't agree more, love so many things about her blog!!

jess said...

this blog is amazing, everything is so well written and photographed! great job Amy!