Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Counting Down

I don't think that I have been this busy in a long, long while... School is ending for Sebastian and I feel like everything around me is closing in... Time lines that once seemed far off are now within a weeks time... The day has nearly come to say  goodbye to wonderful families and friends that we have been blessed to meet throughout the past two years of preschool... I'm in the midst of planning a celebratory dinner for my soon to be preschool graduate... There are birthday gifts to be made, books to be read, items to be posted in my shop, knitting to be finished, Father's Day gifts to be made... Oh, did I mention our house is for sale... Don't ask.  I have made lists... I work well this way... One line item at a time and before I know it, all projects will be done, and I will be exhausted yet equally satisfied... Pictures of all projects to come... Wish me luck! 

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