Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maybe Baby

Well, it is official... Sebastian is registered and destined to become a Kindergartner this fall...  He is thrilled... I on the other hand have been forcing the lump in my throat far far away for the majority of the day... I told myself, that crying was not an option. Excitement and eminence antisipation will fill the space where tears and disbelief would otherwise dwell... He is ready, this I know as well as I know my love for my son.  He will be an amazing student, he will excel and make me more proud than I might have thought that I could be... I was looking at his treasure board that hangs above his bed today... The sweet faces of his lovely friends, collected throughout his years of preschool and his time in the community... I looked at pictures of he and myself, and instantaneously, the lump was back in my throat...My little boy growing and growing and changing and growing.  I can remember dropping him off for his first day in Mrs.Johnson's preschool class... He was a bit timid but reassured me that he was going to be fine, and I promised him that I was gong to fine as well... I left him there is that classroom and and was alone for the first time in the three years sense he was born to me... I knew then, that this growing up business had just begun and that there was much ,much more of it to come. 
I welcome the change and the expansion of his mind... I encourage his enlightenment, under one condition...His heart needs to remain as genuine and pure as it is today.  No maybes...I'll make sure of it.

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Patti said...

Of that I am certain you will do my dear friend. I too have really been struck by this new adventure that Drew is about to embark upon. As I am certain he is ready, I am also certain that I will miss him while he is away.