Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Preschool Memoir

Look at what came home from school Tuesday with my boy... a book of pictures, art and special memories, compiled by his teacher, Mrs. Jonsson and her aide, Mrs. Thomas, of his year long journey though preschool... I cried reading page one... There are too many precious scribbles and quotes throughout these twenty two pages to try to relay to you... so I will choose a few of my favorite. I love the picture of Sebastian on the first page of the book because the expression of his face is so "him" at this point in our lives... He has a very shy, almost embarrassed look on his face... flanked by two of his favorite women, (his teachers), he's acting like a silly boy,while inside he's beaming...(my mom calls this look, "tongue in cheek", and says I used to use the same expression!) I love seeing the evolution of his artwork throughout the year... September's drawings are mainly a bunch of circles, some zigzag's and some flat out scribble scrabble( as we like to call it); while May's drawing floored me, and made me tear up all over again... The drawing is titled "My Family" and is now my most prized possession... My baby's sweet hands drew his Papa, his Mama, himself and his brother Brooklyn... each of us drawn in a different color, Brooklyn being very small and yellow... fitting... So much growth has taken place for our boy this year, so much new responsibility given. My son, now a student, a friend, an artist, a singer, a comedian, a brother, a four year old ball of untapped energy, a preschool graduate... rereleased into the world, a changed person and forever better because of it. Thank you Mrs. Jonsson and Mrs. Thomas for making my son feel comfortable not only within the walls of your classroom but within the confines of his mind. Thank you for letting him whole heartily explore the ability to think and learn, to discover the beauty and fulfillment that education can provide. Thank you for giving him the confidence that he needs to set forth on a path of excellence in his scholastic journey... We will miss you and you sweet smiles... We will miss Sqeekers the guinea pig, the smell of fresh play-dough every monday morning.... And to my son, Sebastian; a mother could not be more proud to call someone her own... You inspire me each and every day... to laugh a little bit louder, to slow down and not take shortcuts, to color outside the lines... Thanks be to you... "I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow and each day takes you where you want to go..."

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