Friday, June 6, 2008

Meet Speedy

Meet Speedy. There he is... that is him, the red blur in the upper corner of this glass jar... Sebastian asked his Papa last week if he could have a fish... he decided right then that the fish would be red, and he would be called Speedy. We took the whole family to the pet store and welcomed this new addition to our family. Let's be honest for a moment... this is the second fish, a bit smaller, a bit darker in color in one week's time.... The same day that we welcomed the original version into our home, he died... Papa explained to Sebastian that he must have swallowed a rock from the bottom of the jar, and then Papa explained to Momma that I have to boil the contents of the jar prior to placing the fish into his domain, and that I most likely, accidentally, poisoned him, ultimately resulting in his untimely death. So back to the pet store we went and now almost five days later I feel confident that Speedy, the second Speedy, is here to stay... So, Speedy, a formal welcome into our home, and our family. I wish you the very best of luck in your life, surrounded by both a very curious four year old boy and a stay at home cat... I will not promise you a life of relaxation and calm laps around your jar, something much more exciting awaits you...

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