Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mother Knows Best

My father gave this book to me over a year ago, and I tossed it into a pile of other books that are begging to be read... It donned on me that I should go ahead and crack it open a few days ago, and you will not believe what I found! In addition to a hilarious book filled with thirty year old antidotes for everything from bad behavior to poor table manners; I also found hand written notes scribbled by my mother, twenty some odd years ago.  Judging by the inscription on the books inner cover, my mother received this book as a birthday present from a friend of hers, signed Nancy... I am thrilled to announce that I know this Nancy friend quite well,and that she and my mother are still dear friends.  I love knowing that my mom read through these pages and chose different projects to make with my sister and I... I also love the "Record List" that I found tucked inside the books pages.  A record list? Hmmm... and the address that is marked at the bottom of the page,
Coeur D 'Alene Idaho, yep, that was us.I  feel like this was a little treasure hidden well, and now found! Kudos.


Lyn said...

So very cool! How much do you love this? What a glorious momento and key to your own childhood through the eyes of your mom! Single tear! xoxo

Patti said...

What a beautiful treasure, It is like a tiny window into your childhood I love all of the handwritten notes and the record list. What a great treasure.

Nana said...

I love that you have his honey and use it with your kids as i used it with mine!