Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Full Circle Moment

There once was this girl... (If you want the whole story, click here...)  She and I didn't get along very well. She wanted my boyfriend, or so I thought... We were young and at the time, we thought we knew what was good. I decided that it was high time to put the past behind us and took it upon myself to extend an apology to her... She accepted and apologized to me as well. We have had light correspondence throughout the last year or so.  I found out that she was soon to have her first child, a little girl, and decided that I would make her sweet girl a gift and send it her way... I did just that.  I knit that little hat all the while thinking of this new found friendship that came out of such an old yucky place. She loved the hat, and thanked me so kindly for it. I open the mail today to find a beautiful birth announcement for her bundle of pink joy, and what do you know? The tiny hat that I made atop the head of the tiny baby that she made. Here's to taking chances, extending ones self and believing in the possibility of new beginnings.

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