Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Making A List

With all of the holiday catalogs that are quickly piling up on my desk, I truly don't know who is more excited about some of the toys being offered this year, Sebastian or I? Here are a few of my most favorite finds...
  1. X9 Sport Utility,Automoblox( I love that this comes in pieces, like a model, that Sebastian and Papa could put together on Christmas day...)
  2. Animal Memo, (A beautiful spin on an old favorite...)
  3. Boogaloos Mr.X, (We already have a few Blabla dolls in our home,why not add one more? I just love the whimsy of this little guy!)
  4. Noonan Mini Golf Game,(Somewhere along the way this last year, Sebastian has inherited his fathers interest in golf...hmmm...I just know how much he would love this!)
  5. Go Fish Cards,(A perfect stocking stuffer for our little gamer...)

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Anonymous said...

I love it that I am one of his blessings. He is surely one of mine. So are all of you.