Monday, October 6, 2008

Mini Monsters


How great are these little monsters?!  We made these yesterday within a matter of an hour!  If you would like these spooky little friends in you home as well, simply do the following...

First, get yourself a stack of white card stock. Next, choose a few different colors of tempra paint.  Squeeze a dollop of paint into the center of the card stock and use a straw to blow the paint around the paper until you have the shape that you want... Let the paint flow naturally and you will have some really great body styles for your monsters!  Let the paint dry and then cut out the various shapes.  Attach googly eyes wherever they seem to fit best.  Punch a hole and hang where ever you heart desires!  We hung our monsters around the mirror next to our dinner table so that we can watch them while we eat!  Sebastian loved this project and used his incredible imagination to create a dragon, a snail monster and a dirt-boy... Whatever that is! 
Regardless, I think that these are darling and they are the only monsters that are more than welcome in our home, this, and any time of the year!

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