Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Hole Is To Dig

Every week, Sebastian and I make our way to the local library, (which just so happens to be within walking distance from our home), and spend a good hour or so perusing the isles and making our weekly selections...  Some of Sebastian and my most favorite of moments are spent inside the library.  There is such a wealth of incredible finds with those four walls... I am so glad that Sebastian has developed a deep love for a good book and that I had the forethought to get him a library card when I did!  One of our very favorite of check-out material are the books on tape or CD.  I allow him to select one audio book per week, in addition to two books to read at nighttime throughout the week.  If you have not yet introduced your children to audio books, then you are both in for a treat!  Sebastian loves listening to the story of his selection while we are in the car, and follows right along looking at the pictures and examining the text. So this week, the audio book that was chosen is called, A Hole To Dig, A First Book Of Definitions.  I am so in love with this book, it's illustrations, and it's beautiful simplicity... We are defiantly going to have to add this book to our personal collection! This little book recently celebrated it's 50th anniversary,  it's no wonder I enjoy it so... Here are a few of my favorite definitions...

A face is so you can make faces

Hands are to hold

The ground is to make a garden

A brother is to help you

Toes are to dance on

Cats are so you can have kittens

Noses are to rub

Super, super, sweet little book!  

Thank you public library for another of your many gifts... 

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