Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Harold's Planet

I have just recently learned of this website... Harold's Planet... There are some really great cartoons and sweet little stories provided here... If you subscribe to the free daily cartoon, a well thought and whitty little image will be sent to your in-box each morning... Here are a few of my favorite thus far...

(The balloons are laughing... "hee-hee")

(The sign reads..."For Sale In Serious Need Of Repair")

I also love this little story, 
created by the same great minds that supply 
me with a smile each day!

The guardian of the lemon tree guarded the lemon tree.
He did a very good job.
It wasn't easy because a lot of people wanted lemons.
Luckily his skills as a guardian were unsurpassed.
Day and night he kept watch.
As the guardian's reputation spread, so his job grew more difficult.
It seemed that everyone wanted lemons.
One night, he was so tired warding off thieves,he fell asleep.
When the guardian awoke...
there was only one lemon left on the tree.
The last lemon.
The guardian of the lemon tree was horrified.
What if it too got stolen?
He scrambled up...
and rescued the last lemon.
He took it home.
There he planted the last lemon in a pot.
His vigil began.
Soon some shoots appeared.
The guardian was still worried about the seedling's survival.
It was a jungle out there.
He made sure it had enough shade by day.
Deprived of sunshine, it turned a miserable yellow.
Of course!
Plants need light.
The guardian stayed up all night shining his torch.
The leaves drooped from lack of sleep.
To revive it,
he gave the seedling some water.
So much water he nearly drowned it.
The guardian had only one thing left to give...
...his love.
Too much love.
The young lemon tree could not survive all of the attention.
The guardian of the lemon tree was really upset.
He gathered his belongings...
...and headed off across the open plain.
The guardian turned for a final look at the place he was leaving.
Far in the distance he saw a tree.
A lemon tree-
His lemon tree, aglow with lemons.
As there had been no guardian standing watch, no-one had troubled to steal them.
Now he sits below the branches of the lemon tree, enjoying its shade and sharing its fruit.

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