Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Love Apple TV

My Mothers Day gift this year came in the form of an Apple TV....  I loved it initially but it has proved to be one of those gifts that doesn't reveal it's full potential immediately, but more shows you its true value on a day to day basis!  Besides displaying all of my treasured pictures, it provides a  wireless stream all of the music and video from our computer upstairs all the way downstairs where it can be easily assessed and used!  One of the features that we are enjoying most these days is the ability to directly access the iTunes store from the living room television set and purchase episodes of our favorite television programs, both new and old!  I happened to find a Hanna Barbara link of the website and found a porthole to my childhood where there are endless hours of classic cartoon enjoyment!  I have been able to introduce Sebastian(and Brooklyn) to some of my childhood favorites, such as Yogi Bear, The Jetson's and The Smurfs!  Also Sebastian had taken a huge liking to Popeye and a 1979 classic called Wacky Races...  The other morning, Sebastian and I were snuggled up on the couch watching Fraggle Rock!  How great is that!  I love that I am able to share these cartoons with him and I really enjoy watching them with him... I remember some of the episodes while I am watching them, specifically those of The Smurfs... I also love that Sebastian, Anthony and I can have conversations about these wonderful cartoon characters that most other kids don't know about... Sebastian loves to pretend that he is Jokey Smurf and has already announced that he intends to dress up as Popeye for Halloween this year... I guess that will make Brooklyn either Sweet Pea or Blutto!  Just another way to share a small part of myself with my kids... and an excuse to check out Smurfette's fashion sense, gotta love those heels!

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